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GENDANIO Zebrafish System Service

Gene editing tools services -
Knockout your zebrafish and transgenic fish!!!




HOT: 5-shelf double-sided zebrafish aquaculture system. (521 Series)



HOT: 5-shelf single-sided zebrafish aquaculture system. (501 Series)


HOT: 4-shelf single-sided zebrafish aquaculture system. (401 Series)




Zebrafish Housing System - Aquaculture Recirculation System

HOT Video:
GENDANIO TANK-AQUAZOO series Auto-self cleanning Tank system

AZ-401Zebrafish (Danio rerio) is currently one of the most popular vertebrate experimental animals in several areas of science. Scientists working with zebrafish hold several meetings annually, their articles are published in leading scientific journals almost on a daily basis and an increasing number of zebrafish facilities is built each year. Processes of the living organism including ageing, cancer, understanding of the malfunctions of the hematopoietic system and different organs as well as genetic determination of diseases is greatly facilitated by investigations made on zebrafish.

So the zebra fish (Danio rerio) has become a very popular and useful animal model in recent years. Zebrafish can replace mammalian models in a variety of scientific fields. Their mode of reproduction and the transparency of the embryos make them a unique tool for research. Many research institutions are adapting facilities and are educating personnel to be able to work with a species which in most cases is very different of the ones used traditionally. 

Aquazoo SystemGENDANIO has only one service focus: the customers with the demand for zebrafish(Danio rerio). What you need is our main concern wheather your are a long-time user, a recent adopter, or a prospective customer. Understanding workflow of your lab is our top priority. GENDANIO directly develops the products you need and solves your aquaculture problems.

GENDANIO provides not only services to zebrafish core labs, biomedical labs, and other aquatic labs, but also high-quality and economical zebrafish, medaka fish, and other fish as experimental fish, aquatic housing system and other equipment. Based on customers' needs, GENDANIO designs and installs the customized aqua housing system, or imports advanced equipment. GENDANIO can also assist you in building an animal model for drug screening. GENDANIO's system can repeat the large number of experimental groups under the smallest unit area.

"Innovation" and "Sincere services" are the beliefs the GENDANIO holds, and keep providing better and more satisfying services.



Zebrafish Housing System- Aquaculture Systems Models:GENDANIO Classic Aquaculture System

  • Model: GENDANIO Classic Fish Housing Aquaculture System(since 2011)
  • Model: AQUAZOO brand series -Zebrafish Fish Housing Aquaculture System(since 2013)
  • Model: Mix system- for drug screening, fish keeping.

 AQUAZOO Aquaculture system