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Zebrafish Larvae Array Plate

Zebrafish Larvae Directional Array 96 Well Plate



This 96 well microplate is for easy alignment of zebrafish larvae.
Developed for the experimental needs of zebrafish

Zebrafish larvae directional array 96 well plates can assist zebrafish in drug development and screening.

The standard liquid volume is 100~200ul, and the minimum liquid volume for each hole after drainage is 20~30ul to maintain the operation of observation and photography.

It is suitable for high-throughput screening, fluorescent photography, drug addition observation...etc. biological manipulation experiments.

  • # Genotyping
  • # High-throughput screening
  • # Fluorescence screening
  • # Drug discovery screening

  • Polystyrene
  • Standard 96 well plate
  • 25 PCS per package
  • Non-sterile
  • Non–Autoclavable
  • Lab use only


  • This is a consumable product and is no recommended for recycling.
  • This product is no intended for behavioral analysis.
  • This product is not suitable for zebrafish that not hatching.
  • This product is no intended for zebrafish culture.
  • This product is for use by laboratory professtionals only.

Materials and equipment:

  • Hatching zebrafish larvae, 3~6dpf
  • Horizontal rortor centrifuge
  • Tricaine mesylate

Method for application:

  1. Place the zebrafish in each holes, only one zebrafish per hole can be placed. The liquid level of each hole is recommanded to be at 1/3(100ul) ~2/3(200ul)
  2. Add tricaine mesylate to anesthetize zebrafish
  3. Shake the plate gently
  4. Place the plate into horizontal rotor centrifuge, the centrifugal speed is 1000rpm and the time is 5secs
  5. After centrifugation, the zebrafish should lie on its side in the hole for image acquisition.


Plate Size (mm):  127.9 (L) x 85.6 (W) x 14.9 (H)
Plate Material: Polystrene
Color: Transparent (ZLAP)
Color: Black (ZLAP-B)

zebrafish(ZF) larvae aliment plate specification

Zebrafish Larvae Array Plate 02

Zebrafish Larvae Array Plate 01

Zebrafish Larvae Array Plate 03




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